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We believe that anything we do should be for God's glory, that's why we have several areas of ministry to help people get plugged in and find an outlet for the gifts God has given them! Come check out our ministries and if you are interested, send us an email! We'd love to hear from you and know how you can join in serving Jacksonville!

Praise and Worship - The Music Ministry Team at Southside Assembly of God is led by Pastor Jeremy Henderson. They are a group of diverse people who geninely desire to worship the Lord. Worship is a transformative force that when grounded in a heart of humility and submission for the Lord, frees the soul, uplifts the spirit, and gets us near the very face of God. Here at Southside, that is our goal, and our desire, more than a great sound, it's experiencing the Lord in all His power.

Refuge Student Ministries - Led by Pastor Eric and Jesslyn Delaney, the hope is that through this ministry the young people of today can find a place of rest from all the things this world has to offer, be renewed, and equipped to be a striking force into society, to cause changes and be a light into the schools of Jacksonville, and all the world. The services include awesome worship, games, and honest, in your face, presentation of God's word that will challenge you, and help you grow to be what God wants you to be!

Children's Ministries - One of our most dynamic ministries, Jodi Showalter's prayer and teaching is that these young boys and girls grow through the integrity of the gospel, and become influential men and women in today's decaying society! From Bible memorization, interactive lesson, and one on one mentoring, our kids have a desire to worship, serve Jesus, and make the family bigger by bringing their friends!

Global Missions - Global Missions is part of our DNA here in Southside. By supporting many missionaries overseas, and in local missions, it is our desire to aid and be a part of fulfilling Jesus' great commission by going out into all the world and baptizing and making disciples.

Royal Rangers/Missionettes - One of our premier local missions oriented outreach. Royal Rangers/Missionettes is much more than an activity for kids to have an energetic outlet; here they will receive essential tools of leadership, that will focus on releasing their inner God-given greatness, and propel them into the path of their dreams and desires, to be effective servant leaders and world changers in the community of today.

Pacesetters - Any structure is incomplete without it's foundations. Here at Southside, we celebrate our foundation, the Senior adults whose testimony has endured time, and whose faithfulness has brought joy and taught us what it means to be constant and steadfast in our faith. This ministry helps connect our Senior Adults in ministry, fellowship, and in servanthood, which they all seem to view as, "Good, quality, fun time in Christ."